Change. Adapt. Evolve

The internet is all about integration, innovation and ultimately, transformation. With the services we offer, we enable your business to hold the reins and take the lead and change the way business is done.



The Future Is Now

Technology advances every day and we evolve with it.
Our techies are designers who co-create the future by making sense of the present.

Today, the digital community is more populated than ever and everybody wants to be recognised. With the thin line between using something and experiencing it blurring your brand’s growth, we wanted to transform complex processes into seamless experiences while pumping up your brand’s identity to help you stand apart Read more…

Our team works in collaboration with our service systems – LiquidStone, The Tease and Gully Soda.


Building stories today that become legacies tomorrow is the bread and butter of what we do. We bring brands to life in fresh, unconventional and often, provocative ways to elevate the brand’s identity. We specialise in core branding and marketing communication in print, digital and electronic media. Through the streamlined processes of discovery, research, design and positioning, we have helped 25+ brands become who they are today – brands that cannot be ignored.

The Tease

Today, in the scheme of a brand reaching out to the intended target group, digital marketing is an important extension that can boost brand experiences like never before. We are like the digital chefs – planning, deciding and executing on the right digital marketing mix be it social media, SEO or other digital offerings based on a brand’s needs. To take the message forward to the intended target group in an integrated and holistic manner is what the collaboration of LiquidStone and The Tease brings to the table. We have developed our own unique platforms such as CEO Lifestyle, The Tease (e-magazine) to enhance brand outreach.

Gully Soda

Brand identity and branding is an extensive and exhaustive exercise that requires years of sustained effort and capital – a strategy that start-ups are not really prepared for, or aware of. Gully Soda aims at enabling start-ups to position their brand with a vision of future growth at an affordable capital without having to compromise on the much needed professional inputs. With LiquidStone serving as their guiding arm, we hope to empower start-ups in understanding their strengths and growing to lead the way tomorrow.